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The East Coast is the region that has witnessed the fastest tourist development in the last 10 years. Apart from the private bungalows that were built there since the 1920's or so, the East coast was left wild for many years.

The first two modern hotels were built there in the 70's; they remained on their own for approx 10 years until the promoters, local and international understood the great potential of the longest and nicest beach of "Belle Mare." Contrarily to other coasts of Mauritius, the important villages of the East are relatively far from the shore. When residing on the East coast it is essential to rent a car to discover the island.
Like the south coast, the East coast faces the southeast trade winds, which prevails almost all year round. The region often gets too windy especially in winter where high-pressure cells pass by.

During winter, (June to August) it can get cool as early as 5 p.m. and warm clothes are necessary after sunset.

The longest and largest lagoon of Mauritius starts at the very South-East point of Pointe D'Esny and stretches on twenty-two Kilometres along the East coast, up to Trou-d'Eau-Douce. ànd from the North of Trou-d'Eau-Douce, stretches the lagoon of Palmar / Belle mare. In most places, these lagoons are shallow with deep canals, generating hundreds of different greens and blues on sunny days.

The lagoons of the East are not the sole attraction of this region. In the south-eastern part, especially around the "Vieux Grand Port" the mountains come down steeply into the sea.

The view of the lagoons on one side and the vegetation-rich mountains on the other makes this region without any doubt, the richest coastal scenery of Mauritius. It is also one of the few coastal roads having few walls and buildings obstructing the view.

The East coast of Mauritius is in fact the place for real "sea, sand and sun" holidays, especially outside the winter months of June through August. In order to fully enjoy the beach, we recommend residing in a beach villa or a hotel on the beach. The wonderful public beaches and of course the famous "ile aux Cerfs" are good solutions for those having found an off-beach accommodation as they are and rather quiet on week days.

Ile Aux Cerfs
Ile aux Cerfs is an islet in the lagoon of "Trou d'eau Douce" which is exploited by a group of hotels; which recently set a magnificent golf course on the islet. However, the resort can be visited and enjoyed by everyone. There are regular shuttles from the shore that take people to Ile-aux-Cerfs and back.

The disappointing aspect of Ile aux Cerfs is that it is highly visited by Mauritians and Tourists and the boat traffic is intense. It has a few restaurants and now a 5 star golf course. According to our clients and visitors, Ile aux Cerfs remains a place of rare beauty with its sand bank and the colours of the lagoon around it. Furthermore, it was still easy to find a sweet spot to spend a wonderful day. They are absolutely right!
Grande Riviere Sud-Est
Grande Riviere Sud Est is the longest river of Mauritius and it is possible to charter boats from Trou d'eau Douce to go up its mouth and bathe under the short cascade that makes the last step before it meets the sea. The vegetation is wild and rich, making it possible to spend most of the day in the shade while staying on the boat. Several speedboats and catamarans visit the place every day; it is therefore not the undiscovered sweet spot; however the trip offers magnificent sceneries and occurs within the lagoon. Good reasons to spend a fantastic day at sea.

Pointe du Diable is just a point along the coastal road where the French had erected a fort and a cannon battery to defend the "Vieux-Grand-Port" from (English) invaders. The stonewalls are still there and traces of the great "Vieux-Grand-Port" (1810) battle can still be observed. "Pointe du Diable" is also the ideal spot to stop for a rest as it is a viewpoint on the "Vieux-Grand-Port."

For those who like trekking, the Lion mountain which in the vicinity is easy to climb and offers a magnificent view on almost a quarter of the country and on the lagoon.

Roche Noires
Roches Noires is exclusively a residential area along the East coast of Mauritius Island where most bungalows and villas are secondary residences; making it an ideal hideaway for those seeking peace & tranquility, away from urban buzz.

This part of the East coast of Mauritius is peculiar as it consists of several secluded tiny coves of white beach ensuring privacy and intimacy. The lagoon is several kilometers long and magnificent with myriads of greens and blues.

Roches Noires pleases the sportsmen also as within a 20 minute drive towards the East, one can kitesurf (school and rental centre nearby,) play Golf on superb 18-hole courses of “Links” in “Belle Mare” or the “Ile aux Cerfs” championship course. In “Trou-d’eau-Douce” it is also possible to join a sailing boat trip or rent a power boat.

In terms of restaurants and greengrocers the region is now better geared. A good restaurant & pizzeria is now open along the coastal road. "L'admirable" the grocery shop nearby has just than the basic stuff. For a wider choice, two supermarkets are found within 15-minute drives, one in Flacq, the other one in the village of Riviere du Rempart.
Trou d'eau douce

Trou d'eau Douce is to our opinion the most typical and worth passing by village of the East coast. Trou d'eau Douce is like most coastal regions, a weekend and summer resort for those who own beach cottages, but it is also a fishermen's village.

Among the inhabitants of Trou d'Eau Douce, there seems to exist a wide gap between the "older" and "younger" generation. The former was not fooled by the development in the tourism activities, despite the presence of the numerous hotels in the region. The latter has jumped into the promise of the gold chest. Some successfully managed their way up, others discovered the world of unfair competition and debt. The houses are modest but well-kept and are generally hidden behind as much trees and plants as it is possible to grow in the tiny surfaces of their gardens. 

At first sight, the people of Trou d'Eau Douce seem unfriendly but it may be their way of respecting others by not interfering with foreigners unless solicited to do so.

Trou d'eau douce being the starting point of numerous sea excursions, the village has since a few years lived a fantastic upspring, fortunately quite muted in terms of buildings and infrastructure.

The people of the surrounding regions have moved in and now the village is quite animated at some times of the day. One can see Mauritians and tourists of all kinds all happy with the smile that strongly contributes to the good reputation of Mauritian hospitality. 

Activities & places to visit
Hiking, mountain-biking or quad biking within the largest natural reserve of Mauritius.

Rent a speedboat to Ile aux Cerfs or preferably to some of the islands outside Mahebourg. Please carefully choose whom you deal with and although several operators own a skipper's licence, many of them drive like crazy.

Kite Surfing Conditions are excellent along the East coast. Kite2Fly kite school & rental operates every day at La Colombiere Kite surfing residence, Poste Lafayette (25 minutes drive from Trou d'Eau Douce.) The Links and Ile aux Cerfs Golf courses are accessible against a green fee.

Diving is possible by contacting the numerous dive centres operating from hotel premises.

Exportal Ltd
Phone: +230 5421 1070
Royal Road, Haute Rive
Rivière du Rempart, Mauritius


Update January 2013

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